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Weekly Activities

Explore our diverse lineup of recovery-oriented programming.

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Fall hours (M-F, 9am-5pm) and programming begin on 8/21. Students can reach out to our Director, Olivia Pape, or Program Coordinator, Andrew Caryl, for additional support or to answer any questions.

Collegiate Recovery Programming 

All Recovery Meeting: (Wed. & Fri. 12pm)

This discussion meeting is open to anyone walking the path of recovery from any addiction or disorder. All pathways to recovery are supported at this meeting.  (in-person & virtual)

Back to School Support Hours: (Mon. 3-5pm)

Open to anyone in recovery and their allies. If you want to explore some possibilities, have questions about the application process, need help with financial aid, or want to learn about support resources available for students in recovery, you are welcome to drop-in and connect with us. Everyone is welcome!

Color Me Mindful: (Wed. 3pm)

Join us for some relaxing, mindful coloring! All materials will be provided!

Loved Ones Coffee Hour: (Mon. 1pm, Cacapon Room in Mtlair)

Join us in the Cacapon Room of the Mountainlair every Monday from 1-2pm for coffee, snacks, and a chance to connect with other students who have been impacted by addiction in their family and community. All students are welcome to drop in!

Mindful Recovery: (Tues. 12pm)

A weekly support group that utilizes mindfulness practices to promote growth and resiliency for students at WVU. Open to all students, faculty, and staff at WVU.  (in-person & virtual)

Meditation: (Wed. & Fri. 1pm)

Join us on Wed. and Fri. at 1pm for a brief mindfulness meditation. No meditation experience required!

Narcotics Anonymous Meeting: (Mon. 6pm)

12-step-based recovery meeting for individuals seeking recovery from a substance use disorder. (Open to anyone who wants to attend - don't have to identify as a person in recovery). (in-person & virtual)

Nourish Community: (Mon. 12pm)

A community for any WVU student seeking to improve their relationship with food and body. (in-person & virtual)

Start Your Day Right: (M-F 9am)

Join us every weekday morning for an intention setting and gratitude sharing practice! This daily event is free and open to all WVU students.  (in-person & virtual)

The Mom of an Addict: (Tues. 630pm)
A weekly support group for anyone who has been impacted by a loved one's addiction. For more information visit:

Unplugged Gaming: (Fri. 3-5pm)

Join us every Friday for board games, fun, and free food!

Well-Being Support Group: (Thurs. 12pm)
Offering support and encouragement in a safe space open to anyone in recovery or seeking to improve their wellbeing. (in-person & virtual)