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Recovery Meetings

All pathways to recovery are welcome.

card holders that say "Recovery Comes First" set up at tabling event for WVU Collegiate Recovery

Students can reach out to our Director, Olivia Pape, or Program Coordinator, Andrew Caryl, for additional support or to answer any questions.

Recovery Meetings at Serenity Place - Spring 2024

  • Nourish Community - Wed. at 1pm** (ends on 4/24)
  • Narcotics Anonymous - Mon. 6pm**
  • All Recovery - Mon./Fri. at 1pm** (ends on 4/26)
  • Mindful Recovery - Tues. at 1pm** (ends on 4/23)
  • Well-Being Support Group - Thurs. at 1pm** (ends on 4/25)
  • The Mom of an Addict - First Tues. of each month at 630pm

**Also available on Virtual Serenity Place

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Additional Recovery Resources

Below is a guide to a variety of in-person and virtual recovery meetings. There are also additional resources included.

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