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The WVU Collegiate Recovery Program provides support for students in recovery from substance use disorders, disordered eating and other behavioral health conditions.

Our community offers a safe environment where students in recovery can achieve academic success while enjoying a genuine college experience, free from alcohol and other drugs.

"No one should have to choose between recovery and a college education." Patrice Salmeri-Augsburg College StepUP Program

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* Check out West Virginia University alumnus Joe Deegan talking to the WVU Alumni Association, Inc. about the importance of our program and Serenity Place!!

Upcoming Programs @ Serenity Place

Next Student meeting:
- Friday, April 6th at 1pm

Next Parent meeting:

* For the most up-to-date information check out our Facebook page

Monday Meditation with Andrew @ 2pm
Book Study with Andrew @ 3pm:            "How to Fight" by Thích Nhất Hạnh        (How to relax from anger, attachment, and delusion through mindfulness and kindness)
Yoga with Nicole @6pm
Recovery check-in meeting with Andrew @4pm
Meaningful Music with Andrea @3pm             - Share a song from your playlist that helps maintain a positive mindset
Practice You! Journaling (1pm-2pm) & Essential Oils Class with Aparna (2pm-2:30pm)

WVU Collegiate Recovery aims to be inclusive of multiple pathways to recovery.   

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