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Collegiate Recovery Team

Olivia Dale Pape, Director

Director Olivia Pape

"I’ve been involved with the WVU Collegiate Recovery Program since I moved to West Virginia in 2015. There will never be enough time or enough words to express just how incredible this program is. Serenity Place is such a safe space for me and other individuals who are in, seeking or supporting recovery. As a person living in long-term recovery, it is so meaningful for me to be able to connect with others who can relate to my experience and provide me with support and encouragement. Everyone is compassionate and giving and funny and interesting—there’s never a shortage of laughter at Serenity Place! I am so grateful to be a part of the amazing community."

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Andrew Caryl, Program Coordinator

Andrew Caryl, Program Coordinator

"I was recently named Program Coordinator after working with the WVU Collegiate Recovery Program for the last three years (1 year as an undergraduate volunteer, and 2 years as a graduate assistant). I received my M.S. in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from WVU. I am in long-term recovery, and have experienced firsthand the positive impact that a Collegiate Recovery Program can have on a student's college experience. I am passionate about continuing to build a supportive community for students in recovery at WVU."

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