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Program FAQs

The WVU Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) supports students in recovery by promoting a healthy, balanced, and meaningful life on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WVU Collegiate Recovery Program?

  • Through activities centered around health, wellness, adventure, community, service, and fun, the WVU CRP's goal is to provide the support and resources necessary for students to thrive in their recovery and develop meaning and purpose as they move forward in life.

What is recovery? Recovery from what? 

  • SAMHSA defines ‘recovery’ as “A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.”
  • At WVU Collegiate Recovery, we aim to support students in this process regardless of what they are in recovery “from.” Instead, we try to help them to move towards what they want to recover “to.” So, if you are a student who identifies as in or seeking recovery from a substance use disorder, eating disorder, any other mental health or behavioral disorder, you are welcome to connect with the support and resources the Collegiate Recovery Program provides.
  • We recognize that there are many different pathways to recovery and that every student has their own unique process of recovery. WVU Collegiate Recovery welcomes all pathways to recovery to join our program.

Do I have to be “in recovery” to participate?

  • Collegiate Recovery also recognizes that substance use and other addictive behaviors impact the entire family, and we strive to offer support for students who have been impacted by addiction in their family system.
students on mountain biking trip

What kind of support and resources does WVU Collegiate Recovery offer students?

  • WVU Collegiate Recovery offers a wide variety of recovery and wellness-oriented programming to support students in their recovery, including:
    • Support groups (12-step, Eating Disorders, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, ACOA)
    • Meditation & mindfulness programming
    • Yoga
    • Adventure programming (hiking, biking, camping, rafting, etc.)
    • Nutritional programming
    • Book studies
    • Tutoring
    • Check-in groups
    • Sober social events (tailgates, parties, celebrations)
  • Collegiate Recovery also provides a “home on campus” environment at our drop-in center Serenity Place, which is open for students to make themselves at home every weekday.
  • All programs and events are FREE for students unless otherwise stated.
students hanging out at Serenity Place

What is Serenity Place? 

  • Serenity Place is WVU Collegiate Recovery’s drop-in center. It offers students a safe, supportive space where they can feel at-home on campus. The space includes a kitchen (stocked with food & refreshments), dining room, living room (with couches and big-screen TV), game room (ping pong & air hockey), study room, yoga & meditation studio, and patio & courtyard.

Where is Serenity Place located? 

  • Serenity Place is located on WVU’s downtown campus directly in front of Arnold Hall ( 628 Price St.)

Do I need an appointment or can I just ‘drop-in’?

  • Students are welcome to drop-in and hangout any time during open hours.