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Weekly Activities

**Daily programming will return in Aug. 2021**

Students can join Virtual Serenity Place at (email  Olivia Pape for password). Do not hesitate to reach out to Olivia Pape (Director) or Andrew Caryl (Program Coordinator) for additional support or to answer any questions!

Collegiate Recovery Programming:

Start Your Day Right: (M-F 9am)

Join us every weekday morning for an intention setting and gratitude sharing practice! This daily event is free and open to all WVU students.

Eating Disorder Support Group: (Mon. 12pm)

Offering support, encouragement and a safe space for sharing, this group is open to anyone who identifies as having an eating disorder or experiencing disordered eating or body image concerns. Participants must be 18 years or older.

All Recovery Meeting: (Wed & Fri 12pm)

This discussion meeting is open to anyone walking the path of recovery from any addiction or disorder. All pathways to recovery are supported at this meeting.

All Recovery Meeting for Faculty/Staff: (Wed 12pm)

An All Recovery meeting is a blanket support group for those who identify as being in recovery from substance use disorders, eating disorders and any other mental health or behavioral concern. All pathways to recovery are welcome at this meeting. To help protect anonymity, the meeting is closed to WVU students.

For more information or to obtain the private Zoom link, contact

Meditation: (M-F 1pm)

Need some zen or a moment of peace in your day? Our Meditation sessions are free and open to all WVU students – no experience required.

Mountaineers 4 Recovery Meeting: (Tues. 10am)

Interested in joining our student organization, Mountaineers 4 Recovery? Check out our weekly business meeting, where you can learn about important updates and upcoming events and find ways to get involved!

SMART Recovery: (Thurs. 12pm)

This cognitive-based meeting focuses on learning coping skills and setting short- and long-term goals to support recovery from addictive behaviors. SMART Recovery teaches self-empowerment to help individuals achieve positive changes.

Peer Support Hour: (Mon. & Wed. 10am)

In need of a check-in with a friend? Looking for some extra support during your day? Join Dustin, a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, for this program!

Serenity Chats with Carruth Center: (1st Thurs. of month 10am)

Take the chance to connect with members of WVU’s recovery community! We will have informal yet informative discussions regarding mental health, wellness, recovery and related topics with member of WVU’s Carruth Center.

SMART Family and Friends: (Tues. 12pm)

SMART Family and Friends helps concerned loved ones and friends gain the tools they need to offer support to someone dealing with addiction without supporting their addictive behaviors.

Music Therapy: (Fri. 10am)

" The goal of the music therapy group is to help the members of Serenity Place find ways to use music to support their recovery. Designed for all levels and abilities, participants work together to make music and to build new coping strategies. During the group, participants can write and make music, explore new instruments, and examine the how the songs we listen to can impact our lives."

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