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Serenity Place Rules

  1. All students will remain sober from alcohol and/or illicit drugs on Serenity Place premises and all Serenity Place & Mountaineers for Recovery sponsored activities.
  2. No alcohol or illicit substances are allowed in Serenity Place.
  3. West Virginia University prohibits smoking on campus. * See smoking area information posted at Serenity Place. Students are responsible to properly dispose of all litter.
  4. All members will treat each other with respect and dignity.
  5. All members will support fellow members in their recovery and healthy decision making.
  6. It is the member's’ responsibility to keep Serenity Place clean.
  7. Please be considerate of others using Serenity Pla ce at the same time as you, such as respecting that others may be studying.
  8. All members will respect privacy. Meaning the privacy of other members, and will assume that any information exchanged or disclosed during member checkins, recovery support meetings, etc., may be highly sensitive and should be kept confidential.
  9. Members may bring student guests into Serenity Place and the  Member must be present and is responsible for guests at all times.
  10. Non-students are welcome in the Serenity Place during open meetings, coffee hours and official events.
  11. Noncompliance may result in loss of Serenity Place privileges per the membership agreement.*

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