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21-Day Mindfulness Challenge


Our Mindfulness Team at Serenity Place invites you to continue this 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge throughout the year, because we have seen how a simple practice like this every day can change our worldview and the way that we treat ourselves and others.

We invite you to cultivate a little dose of mindfulness into your daily life. Studies have shown that practicing something for 21 days can help create a new habit -- a mindful habit.

Thank you to our supportive community thus far!!! Also, big shout-out to Dr. Newfield & Dr. Glenn for your encouragement(s) and great collaboration.

"A mindful campus is a happy campus." - Serenity Place

  • Some effects of mindfulness
    • Increases ability to relax

    • Improves academic success
    • Better concentration

    • Improves productivity

    • Increases creativity

    • Reduces work-related stress and psychological distress
    • Improves general health
    • Facilitates recovery from illness
    • Effective relapse prevention and recovery from addictions

    • Positively impact your relationships

    • Mindfulness also shows a negative link with alcohol consumption in college students.
  • The need:
    • A way of living that helps students develop awareness of both their internal and external worlds, and thrive along with the stress in their academic and personal lives

    • Mindfulness is both accessible and relevant to practice in our daily lives

  • The goal:
    • Introduce the benefits of mindful living to students who regularly attend WVU Collegiate Recovery activities/events, as well as for those who work here

    • Aim to initiate daily mindfulness practices after the challenge

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