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We want to extend gratitude to our active alumni for their gifts and talents. Your support is crucial and very appreciated.

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December 2019 Graduates

Chris Arthurs
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"Unfortunately, my busy schedule has prevented me from enjoying everything that Collegiate Recovery has to offer as often as I would have preferred. But prior to this uptick in chaos, I really appreciated the atmosphere and opportunities that Collegiate Recovery afforded. It's an unbelievable program that provides support for students in recovery. In my return to school, since getting into recovery, the Collegiate Recovery program has provided me with a safe place to retreat to - Serenity Place; and surrounded me with wonderful, caring people. Additionally, it opened the door for me to take part in activities that I once enjoyed years ago but avoided when I got into the recovery world. I had a blast participating in activities such as WVU football games and white-water rafting. These activities were organized and promoted by the amazing staff at Collegiate Recovery. I look forward to my next few years at WVU while I work towards my master’s degree - primarily due to programs like Collegiate Recovery and the extraordinary people associated with it. Thank you, all!"-  Chris Arthurs

Jacob Blankenship
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“Collegiate recovery has given me an additional venue to meet people, experience fun activities, and give back. After meeting Cathy for the first time, I knew there was a true heart supporting this program. Thank you for everything.” - Jacob Blankenship

Jon Dower
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“I remember sitting around a table with a group full of highly intelligent people attempting to provide college students in recovery the best chance of success. I still remember when the administration offered a location for what became Serenity Place and the enthusiasm of everyone else starting to believe that this Collegiate Recovery Program was gaining steam. What we didn’t anticipate is the positive impact to such a diverse population of students. Serenity Place and Collegiate Recovery provides much more than psychosocial support for SUD recovery. Collegiate Recovery provides a mechanism for enjoyment in a college experience while in recovery, provide educational support for those in classes, a place to relax, a place to vent…….space – not physical in nature, but rather space to grow and be yourself. I am forever grateful for what WVU Collegiate Recovery has done for me and my friends, to those that sacrifice their time and energy behind the scenes to make this program a reality, to those that have yet to come – those that will lead WVU towards being the #1 recovery school in the country. We are truly the fortunate ones, blessed because of Cathy and all those at Collegiate Recovery.” - Jon Dower

Bethany Heberling

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"Since finding the Serenity Place, I’ve been given immense support from everyone. I found a piece of home in a place of 30,000 people. When I entered the addiction studies minor, I did not realize the impact it would have on my life, but I am so thankful for everything it has given me, and I will sincerely miss Serenity Place." – Bethany Heberling


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