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Day Twenty-One

Back to the 'Beginner's Mind'

We are grateful for your participation in this 21-day mindfulness challenge! We hope that you have planted a seed of mindfulness and compassion within yourself. 

"I don't know", in many cases, is a power statement, where "been there, done that" prevents us from seeing the bigger picture. ‘Beginner's mind’ doesn't ask us to forget or to abandon what we have learned before. What it needs us to do is to put our expectations and beliefs aside so that the door of "many other possibilities" can be opened. We can cultivate this quality by being curious about the present situation and letting go of our preconceptions and assumptions based on past experiences. 

Today's Challenge

Before sitting for a 10-minute meditation, choose a familiar object (a phone, a book, a plant, etc.). Set the intention to cultivate the ‘beginner's mind’. Treat it like your first meditation ever! Be curious about your breath, your thoughts, and your body sensations. After the meditation, open your eyes and look at the object with the beginner's mind. 
Did you notice something new you hadn't before?



because "What you practice grows stronger." – Shauna Shapiro 

May you be safe

May you be healthy

May you be happy

May you be free of suffering

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