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Day Twenty

Mindfulness + Kindness = Kindfulness

Today we invite you not only to be mindful but also to be kindful. Mindfulness can be challenging when we deal with a difficult situation. Kindness helps us flow through unhappy experiences while mindfulness keeps us stay grounded in the present.

The fault-finding mind is an inherent trait that supposedly helps us to protect ourselves from suffering. However, it traps us in another layer of suffering itself because of fear, anger, and ego.
Do you have a fault-finding mind?
If so, Ajahn Brahm prescribes a 3-step solution (AFL) for this condition of the mind:
1. Acknowledge the situation
2. Forgive the people who are involved in the situation
3. Learn from the experience and the wisdom from that experience.

Today's Challenge

Offer one or two small acts of kindness to someone. It could be opening the door for a stranger, getting some food for your sick roommate, or offering help to a family member. Or you may be reaching out to someone that you recently have had a conflict with and/or hold a grudge against.

"Clinging to what you have learned is worse than not learning it in the first place." – Thích Nhất Hạnh

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