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Day Seventeen

Mindful Communication

As human beings, we always have a strong desire for connection. Even before we are born, we communicate and connect with our mother. As we grow up, we seek connections with our family members, our friends in school, our romantic partners, our co-workers, etc. Communication can strengthen a relationship, but it can also break one if we're not mindful of our word.
Self-communication is the key to interpersonal communication. The language we use to talk to ourselves, to create our story, directly and indirectly, affects our relationship with others.
Two elements of mindful communication are deep listening and loving speech.

Today's Challenge

When someone is speaking to you in a conversation, just listen. Stay present, don't try to give advice, listen with the intention to learn and understand the other person even when what they say might not be true.

“Mindfulness isn't difficult, we just need to remember to do it.”Sharon Salzberg

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