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Day Five

The Power of Breath

Our breath is our life-mate. The English word "spirit" comes from the Latin spiritus meaning "breath". In Chinese, the word "breath" 息 is comprised of two separate words: 自 = “from” or “itself” and 心 = “the mind". Therefore, breath is from the mind itself. Breathing is the spiritual journey of the mind. 

Breathe to heal because time doesn't.

When we are aware of our breath, we are in control of our mind and emotions. When our mind is anxious or stressed, our breath is shallow and fast. When feeling calm, we breathe evenly and slowly. When anger is there, our breath can be forceful and rapid. Our breath can be used as a tool to diagnose our emotional sickness or wellness. When our mindfulness practice is strong, we will be aware when strong emotions come up, and we can take control of our breath to regulate emotions. 

Today's Challenge

Create a breathing space for yourself. It can be a corner in your house or in your office. Dedicate this as your ‘healing and mindfulness space’.

“Om — the ancient sacred syllable—may be the only mantra you'll ever need.” - Richard Rosen

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