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Day Fifteen

Mindful Love

The word "love" is often blended with romantic relationships. This limits the meaning of this beautiful word. Today, we discuss universal love. According to Buddhist psychology, there are four elements that generate true love. 

1. Loving-kindness: the intention and capacity to offer joy and happiness to oneself, then giving it to others
2. Compassion: the capacity to relieve and transform suffering and lighten sorrows in oneself and in others
3. Joy: the desire to generate the feeling of joy for ourselves as well as joy for the other person Our love should bring joy to us and the ones we love.
4. Inclusiveness: in Sanskrit, upeksha means “to look over” the boundary, the limitation, the delusion that we are separated from the other person

"In true love, you attain freedom." -- Thích Nhất Hạnh

Today's Challenge

Reflect on a relationship in your life. Use the four elements of true love as a formula to see where its current stage is and maybe apply the four principles to build a true-love relationship. If four is a lot for you, pick one!

“In a trusting mindset, you’re in control of your performance.” -- Raymond Prior

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